Statement on Burial Measures in COVID-19 Emergency Legislation

21st March 2020

Statement on Burial Measures in COVID-19 Emergency Legislation As the network of mosques across the Liverpool Region we would like to reassure our communities that we are in close contact with the Muslim Council of Britain and working with them to ensure our deceased can be buried in accordance with Islam in the event of Coronavirus related death. We will also be making contact with other faith groups and government officials to apply pressure.

Should you require further information please call: 07525655618 or email:

Excerpt from the MCB response to the UK Government’s proposed emergency legislation:

“We are aware the Government is proposing emergency legislation to deal with the monumental issues society faces in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and this includes specific provisions which may impact religious burial procedures in certain extreme scenarios.

“The Muslim Council of Britain is supporting the National Burial Council (Muslim) working alongside other faith communities and collaboratively with senior UK Government officials to highlight the absolute importance of burials in our faiths, and how risks can be appropriately mitigated.

“This is not something anyone is taking lightly and we want to reassure the community that we are working hard to ensure that our concerns are taken on board.

“We are hopeful a solution will be found that recognises the challenges in extreme cases, whilst maintaining the importance of certain beliefs that our faith communities hold dear.

“We urge communities at a local level to work positively and collaboratively with other faiths, communities, and local and national government bodies, and will be providing more guidance soon.”

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