Our approach of Liverpool Region Mosque Network to the Covid-19 crisis

Here for You – as mosques

An outline of how we are supporting the Government’s efforts to combat Covid19– Spring/Summer 2020


Our ultimate purpose is to please Allah/God. We will achieve this through three objectives:

  • Helping – However we can, with the right support at the right time.
  • Invitation (Dawah) – promoting the positive contribution of Islam/Muslims to humanity.
  • Leadership – provide leadership, and to act as a focal point for local and national official bodies.


– has three strands:

  • Stay at Home – encouraging shielding, social distancing and isolation
  • Here for You – where mosques request and receive help
  • Financial Aid – facilitating support and access to funds for mosques and those who need it.

We will communicate and publicise through:

  • Appealing marketing
  • Social Media
  • Liverpool Muslims App
  • Our website: lrmnet.org.uk
  • Local and national media
  • Partner channels


As well as our partnership between mosques in the region, we are:

endorsed by the Muslim Council of Britain to act as the ‘city lead’ for mosques.

registered with Liverpool City Council as an ‘Anchor Organisation’ to assist in administering support.

using existing links with Community Groups, Merseyside Police, Diocese of Liverpool, Metro Mayor, MPs Local Authorities and Government Agencies.


Our response will be:

  • sharing key information and messages
  • supporting local and national volunteering initiatives
  • actively working with other community groups to support mosques
  • signposting towards wider support

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