Joint Statement by Liverpool Region Mosque Network, LFC Foundation, Everton in the Community and Tranmere Rovers in the Community

Following on from the disturbing and senseless incident outside our Liverpool Women’s Hospital on Sunday, it’s important we come together in solidarity, with one voice and speak out against those seeking to divide us.

Our message is clear:

We are proud.

We are one.

We are Liverpool.

We’re connected by our unshakable sense of belonging to “our Liverpool home”. We believe in standing shoulder to shoulder for what is right. Recognising and being incredibly proud of the diversity in our communities and striving for a more inclusive society is our way- it’s why we are the World in One City.

The football clubs of Liverpool City Region embody the city’s tradition of courage, compassion and community spirit. It is the source of our unity and our strength and what’s brought us through difficult times like the pandemic as a collective. We now need to draw on this togetherness to combat hatred of all forms.

We’re a city that celebrates our heroes, who we are grateful to each and every day. That includes all the individuals and authorities who are working tirelessly to protect us and our way of life.

We wish for calm and vigilance at this time; looking after the safety and well being of our neighbours from all walks of life and being mindful of others. Let’s remember how we express what we’re thinking and feeling, whether in the streets or online, can affect others. We can all do our bit at the moment, to make an extra effort to show kindness to all. If you see anything which concerns you, please report it to the authorities.

The people of Liverpool will always stand together and be proud as one diverse family.

Our approach of Liverpool Region Mosque Network to the Covid-19 crisis

Here for You – as mosques

An outline of how we are supporting the Government’s efforts to combat Covid19– Spring/Summer 2020


Our ultimate purpose is to please Allah/God. We will achieve this through three objectives:

  • Helping – However we can, with the right support at the right time.
  • Invitation (Dawah) – promoting the positive contribution of Islam/Muslims to humanity.
  • Leadership – provide leadership, and to act as a focal point for local and national official bodies.


– has three strands:

  • Stay at Home – encouraging shielding, social distancing and isolation
  • Here for You – where mosques request and receive help
  • Financial Aid – facilitating support and access to funds for mosques and those who need it.

We will communicate and publicise through:

  • Appealing marketing
  • Social Media
  • Liverpool Muslims App
  • Our website:
  • Local and national media
  • Partner channels


As well as our partnership between mosques in the region, we are:

endorsed by the Muslim Council of Britain to act as the ‘city lead’ for mosques.

registered with Liverpool City Council as an ‘Anchor Organisation’ to assist in administering support.

using existing links with Community Groups, Merseyside Police, Diocese of Liverpool, Metro Mayor, MPs Local Authorities and Government Agencies.


Our response will be:

  • sharing key information and messages
  • supporting local and national volunteering initiatives
  • actively working with other community groups to support mosques
  • signposting towards wider support

Coronavirus Burials

Monday 23rd March 2020

Coronavirus Burials

We are delighted to report that today, the Government made an amendment to the COVID-19 emergency legislation which removes any requirements for cremation. We thank the Government for this change, following thousands of petition signing and local and national lobbying. We would also like to thank Liverpool City Council for making allowances on this issue.

As a network we work closely with the Muslim Council of Britain, here is an excerpt of MCB’s statement today:

 “During this national crisis, we are appreciative of this reassurance by our government and its important efforts to listen to and worth constructively with faith communities. 

“We pay tribute to the hard work of Naz Shah, MP for Bradford West, for raising the issue alongside others, and the All-Party Parliamentary Group on British Muslims for mobilising support for this important change across the House, and we also thank those MPs who support the amendment.

The Liverpool Region Mosque Network is working with mosques, Liverpool City Council, and other official bodies to support our communities.

Statement on Burial Measures in COVID-19 Emergency Legislation

21st March 2020

Statement on Burial Measures in COVID-19 Emergency Legislation As the network of mosques across the Liverpool Region we would like to reassure our communities that we are in close contact with the Muslim Council of Britain and working with them to ensure our deceased can be buried in accordance with Islam in the event of Coronavirus related death. We will also be making contact with other faith groups and government officials to apply pressure.

Should you require further information please call: 07525655618 or email:

Excerpt from the MCB response to the UK Government’s proposed emergency legislation:

“We are aware the Government is proposing emergency legislation to deal with the monumental issues society faces in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and this includes specific provisions which may impact religious burial procedures in certain extreme scenarios.

“The Muslim Council of Britain is supporting the National Burial Council (Muslim) working alongside other faith communities and collaboratively with senior UK Government officials to highlight the absolute importance of burials in our faiths, and how risks can be appropriately mitigated.

“This is not something anyone is taking lightly and we want to reassure the community that we are working hard to ensure that our concerns are taken on board.

“We are hopeful a solution will be found that recognises the challenges in extreme cases, whilst maintaining the importance of certain beliefs that our faith communities hold dear.

“We urge communities at a local level to work positively and collaboratively with other faiths, communities, and local and national government bodies, and will be providing more guidance soon.”

Taste Ramadan 2019 Press Release

On Saturday 18th May, Liverpool City Council was delighted to host a wonderfully significant event named “Taste Ramadan” on the Pier Head, working with Liverpool Region Mosque Network, representing 15 mosques.

Taste Ramadan is a national initiative where hundreds of mosques across the country open their doors to people of all faiths and none, to share food and friendship. Liverpool’s Taste Ramadan event was the flagship national event based on its iconic location and the wide range of partners who were collaborating with the mosques, namely LCC, Diocese and Archdiocese of Liverpool, Merseyside Police, Liverpool FC Foundation, Tranmere Rovers and Fans Supporting Foodbanks.

Approximately 4000 people turned out to listen to talks, visit stalls and most importantly share food under the strapline “eat with love”.

The civic and interfaith presentations opened with a statement from Cllr Wendy Simon, followed by the Bishop of Liverpool, Archbishop of Liverpool, Chief Constable, Mark Palios, Head of LFC Foundation and 3 speakers from the Muslim community including women and converts. Rt Revd Paul Bayes said “Thousands of us ate the iftar meal together in Liverpool- Muslims, Christians, those of other faiths and no faith, together in peace and unity”. Chief Constable Andy Cooke said “I saw communities coming together peacefully to share food, friendship and hope. A beautiful atmosphere and what I believe to be the real face of the Liverpool City Region.” Special guests included Ambassadors, MEPs, MPs and local councillors. Also in attendance were Ron Odunaiya, Director of Community Services LCC and Colleen Martin, Deputy Director of Community Service LCC with other LCC officers.

The climax of the event was a sunset meal known as “iftar” which marks the breaking of the fast. Against the backdrop of a spectacular sunset and with the Islamic call to prayer ringing in the air, individualised food packages were opened and shared between people from different backgrounds

The event closed with a joint pledge affirming the common humanity of peoples to spread peace, tolerance, friendship and solidarity against hate.

Taste Ramadan builds on Liverpool City Council’s successful and diverse faith and cultural offering which includes events such as Liverpool Together in Faith and Culture at St Georges Hall. Jointly organised by LCC and LRMnet, with the support of local business sponsors, the event attracted over 135 volunteers from the Jeel Organisation in Toxteth/Granby area. The co-ordinator, Dr Mohamed Mahyoub said “what we saw at Taste Ramadan was young people from all ages and backgrounds working together in teams, sharing food and friendship with one another and enjoying jokes and laughter with police officers!” Other positive role models amongst the young people included Hisham Saif, a world champion Karate competitor from the Al Ghazali centre and three visually impaired Muslim children from St Vincent’s School for the Blind, which works with the mosques to break down barriers relating to disability and increase inclusion.

A survey conducted on the day showed 98% of visitors believed there should be more events like this for diverse groups to come together. Quotes from visitors said “there should be a button for “extremely important” for more events like this in the future”; and “I think events like this are very important especially in the current climate with the distorted perception of Islam in the media.” The Chairman of Liverpool Al Rahma Mosque, Ahmed Farah, said “A magnificent gathering which showed the unity of our community, mutual understanding and respect and demonstrated how we all celebrate diversity.” Added to this was positive local press and radio coverage and a significant outpouring of support on social media.

Birmingham Attacks, Police Presence – Jummah Statement

Friday 22nd March 2019 

To be read out at Friday Prayers:

Statement from The Liverpool Region Mosque Network & Merseyside Police

Following the attacks on five mosques in Birmingham on Wednesday 20th March, we recognise that the community may be concerned about their safety during congregational prayers and when travelling to and from the mosque.

Whilst we all have strong belief in divine protection and decree, we encourage all worshippers to take added personal safety precautions.

Our Prophet (PBUH), teaches us:  ‘’Trust in God, but tie your camel.”

In order to reassure the Muslim community, Merseyside Police have informed us that they will be stepping up police patrols and have a visible presence at all mosques today, Friday 22nd March for Jumah prayers.

Chief Constable Andy Cooke said: “Merseyside Police has been working closely with our faith communities and partners since the terrible events in New Zealand last week and will continue to do so in light of recent Mosque attacks in Birmingham. 

“While we understand that these events may cause concern, fear and uncertainty, I want to reassure the public that they will continue to see an increased police presence in our faith communities and that the force will continue to engage with our local mosques and all places of prayer. 

“Merseyside is rightly proud to be a diverse place to live, work and visit and hate of any kind will simply not be tolerated. I would encourage people to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity, which, as always, will be taken extremely seriously and investigated thoroughly. 

“Our sincere condolences go out to those affected by the events in both New Zealand and Birmingham and we will continue to stand together with our partners to maintain the rights of all our communities to be treated with respect, dignity and fairness.”

The Rt Revd Paul Bayes, Bishop of Liverpool, said “Freedom to practise our religion is a fundamental right in our society, so an attack on a place of worship is an attack on all people of faith. On behalf of Christians in the region, I want to assure the Muslim community of our prayers and support. As brothers and sisters we stand together against all hatred as we try and live in love and peace with each other.”

In addition, the Liverpool Region Mosque Network are holding an urgent roundtable meeting with Merseyside Police this evening to discuss community safety issues in light of recent events.

We encourage worshippers to avoid poorly lit routes at night and walking in groups where possible. Be vigilant to anything appearing suspicious and report anything of concern to the Police immediately. Always contact 999 in an emergency, alternatively you can report crime by calling 101 or via social media @MerPolCC. 


New Zealand Terror Attacks at Friday Prayers

Statement on behalf of Liverpool Region Mosque Network

15 March 2019

The Liverpool Region Mosque Network today condemns the horrific, cowardly and Islamophobic terrorist attacks that have taken place in New Zealand today. Almost 50 people are said to have been murdered at two mosques at Christchurch.

The New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, has said that this can ‘only be described as a terrorist attack’ and the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison called the perpetrator ‘an extremist, right-wing, violent terrorist.’

A spokesperson for the Mosque Network, Farhad Ahmed said: “The fact that such an atrocity can occur in a society widely believed to be as tolerant as New Zealand, with no previous history of such terrorism, is shocking and naturally will concern practicing Muslims wherever they are.”

The Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain, Harun Khan, has described this as “the most deadly Islamophobic terrorist attack we have witnessed in recent times.”

Harun Khan said “My condolences to the families affected. As the rest of us prepare to undertake our own Friday prayers today, we do so with the anxiety as to whether our mosques and communities are safe in the face of unabated Islamophobia and hostility against Muslims.”

On closing the network have said: “We have already received warm words of support, love and solidarity from various faith and civil society groups including the Bishop of Liverpool. We appreciate such support for worshippers in Merseyside and beyond. We will be working with our dedicated contacts within the authorities including Merseyside Police who have been keen to offer their reassurance on this fast moving situation.”